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Issue Advocacy        Stakeholder Engagement        Nonprofit Leadership


At The Perkins Partnership, we promote success for our clients by building sustainable collaborations between our clients and their key audiences.  We bring our resources – our knowledge, our experience, and our relationships – to a strategic process that results in effective, intelligent public policy.

Our process focuses on communication as the cornerstone of successful public policy implementation.  We analyze your goals, review your history, assess your resources, and evaluate current conditions to create partnerships and campaigns that achieve your objectives.

At the heart of The Perkins Partnership is our work in issue advocacy – designing and implementing campaigns to achieve policy goals – and stakeholder engagement – creating relationships through collaborations and coalitions that increase the power of the message.

The Perkins Partnership also offers nonprofit leadership – developing and executing programs to build successful organizations. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your public policy needs.

Connecting people and organizations across sectors to accomplish mutual goals