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It’s been said that all of life is a story, and the one who tells the best story wins. That’s true in politics, in business, and in other competitive situations, including competition among and within nonprofit organizations for support, for media coverage, and for volunteers and members.

In public relations, we focus on the external story. That’s the story that’s told on the web, in prospect meetings, and in the videos shown at annual events. The external is important, because it creates the perceived story, and perception is reality for each audience.

Each nonprofit organization also has an internal story, and one measure of an organization’s success is how well the external and internal stories come together. Board members also have their own individual narratives about their contribution to the organization that determine the nature of their board experience.

A nonprofit organization is most successful when all of these stories are aligned.

OurStory™ nonprofit board retreats are designed to create success for nonprofit organizations through these paths:

OurStory™ nonprofit board retreats are individually designed to reflect specific issues and needs, time available, and board structures. Retreat deliverables include pre- and post-retreat meetings, pre-retreat research and internal surveys, and post-retreat summaries and recommendations.

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